Media Coverage

This section shows the press and media coverage that features work that I have been involved in.

This list is still under construction and I am still gathering press/features of work here

Press / Blogs

  1. Google Study Shows Transformer Modifications Fail to Transfer Across Implementations and Applications
  2. Google & DeepMind debut Benchmark for Long-Range Transformers
  3. Language Models like GPT-3 could herald a new type of search engine
  4. Google Hopes AI can turn search into a conversation
  5. Long Range Transformers by Huggingface
  6. Deep Learning AI Issue 81
  7. ML and NLP Research Highlights of 2020 by
  8. Google’s New Synthesizer
  9. Making a Thai Byte-level Language Model


  1. Charformer Video via AI Coffee Break
  2. Pretrained Convolutions Video by AI Coffee Break
  3. Paper Explained: Synthesizer by Yannic Kilcher


  1. EMNLP 2020 High Performance NLP Tutorial