Full Biography

I am a Senior Research Scientist at Google AI. I am presently based in Singapore. I am a Tech Lead of a research team at Google Research. Our team, based in California and New York City, works on fundamental NLP/ML research for pushing the boundaries of science and improving products at Google. You can find my Google Research homepage here. These days, I am interested in large language models, transformers, universal models and next generation search.

Previously I earned my PhD from NTU, Singapore where I won the best thesis award for my contributions to neural architectures for natural language understanding. I have also won best paper awards (runner-up) at both WSDM 2020 and WSDM 2021 for my work on hyperbolic recommenders (2020) and colossal-scale page quality analysis with generative models (2021). I have also won the Outstanding Paper Award (top-8 best papers) at ICLR 2021 for my work on neural parameterization of hypercomplex multiplications. I also won several prizes at data science competitions such as CIKM Cup 2016 (1st place) and 2017 (4th place). I also won first place at CVPR VQA Challenge 2017.

Fun Fact: I also obtained an associate diploma in classical piano performance from Trinity College London in 2012.

Work Experience and Education

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